Sep 28, 2010

Jupiter on September 20th

Here's Jupiter from the night of September 20th. Seeing wasn't great but I think it turned out OK.

Sep 4, 2010

August 28th

Here's Jupiter from the morning of August 28th. The Great Red Spot was getting ready to rotate out of view when I snapped this pic.

Sep 2, 2010

Jupiter This Week

Lots of clear weather here in Cleveland this week, but seeing/atmospheric steadiness hasn't been good enough to get clear images of Jupiter. I pulled out the old mirror fan system and built a new one this week. The new fan arrangement really works well and I shouldn't need to tinker with it for a while.

Here are a couple pics of Jupiter, from Saturday night:

and from Tuesday night:

Interesting to see how the storm in the dark belt has changed over the course of a few days.