Dec 13, 2011

Jupiter, Dec 11 2011

Here's Jupiter and Europa from Sunday night through the 9.25" scope. The Southern Equatorial Belt is back this year!

Jun 8, 2011

Supernova SN 2011dh

Last night I took a very brief exposure of the Whirlpool Galaxy supernova that was discovered by amateurs last week. I may be able to observe it visually if it keeps brightening at it's current rate.

Here's an image of the same galaxy that I took in May 2009:

Apr 19, 2011

Wednesday's Saturn

We had a clear night last week! It wasn't even that cold. I reassembled the big scope and snapped a pic of Saturn.

Feb 27, 2011

The Trapezium

Here are two pics of the Trapezium star cluster. It's embedded in the center of the Great Orion Nebula. These images are from a week ago, we had a nice clear night here. I had imaged the Trapezium previously with my old camera; I don't think I captured any more detail this time but the color balance is much better IMO. The first picture is in true color.

The second is a false color image that includes near-infrared light - this allows you to see more stars that are otherwise obscured by all the dust in the nebula.